Ms Kathy

Patient since 1997

“This practice takes holistic approach and has explained to me how oral health relates and is interrelated with health in the whole body.”

“Taking care of teeth leads to not only a nicer smile but overall wellness in the body”


Ms Toni

Patient since 1995

“You feel like you are a member of the family than just another customer”

“He’ll tell you exactly what work is going to be done, how you should feel, if you have any pain and it should be at this level and he gives a cell phone number to call him if needed anytime”.


Ms Denise

Patient since 1996

“If I ever move anywhere out of state I will still come back to Main Street Dental, that is how much I trust Dr K. and the staff here and I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to other dentists”.

“Dr K. doesn’t judge, if you feel like you have been neglecting your teeth in your mouth, he does not judge, he just wants to help and he does”.


Ms Terri

Patient since 1994

“Dr K. looks at the big picture and takes his time, he gets to know you, and he listens to you and really understands what is going on and how he can help”.

“I have almost reached 40 years without a cavity”.


Mr Phillip Jr.

Patient since 1996

“I have been coming to Dr K. all my life, I am turning 19 next week and he is my first dentist ever”.

“I have never had a cavity which surprises some people”.


Ms Lois

Patient since 1996

“Staff at Main Street Dental are A1 in my book, they follow all procedures, and I have never had any problems with any appointments or anything. They have always been there to help”.

“Main Street Dental has made my life much better, I can eat things I could not in the past”.


Mr David

Patient since 2006

“Dr K., his wife and the staff have always been welcoming, takes the time to welcome you to the practice and make you feel comfortable”.

“Getting my treatment done here helped me build my self-confidence and self-esteem”.


Ms Nancy

Patient since 2016

“I got a broken tooth in my denture two times so I came here to get it fixed.”

“I always thought when I could afford it to get new dentures I would come here”

“It’s not like coming to a regular dental office, it’s like an extended family”.

(Urgent Care) to (Restorative)

Ms Peggy

Patient for 3 years

"Dr. Kansangra is a star dentist and in fact a star is hanging on his wall to show a star for a star!"

"I have had every tooth pulled and there was no bleeding and no pain. I have a very low tolerance for pain".

"Everyone in the office was so supportive and complimented me not because they worked there but because he had done the best job".


"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make customer's experience a little better" - Jeff Bezos - Founder Amazon